We team up with the Columbus accounting firm Clarus Partners to help entrepreneurs and small businesses make sense of the new tax law.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017—the most significant tax reform package in more than three decades—is a lot to chew on. It covers more than 500 pages, includes 275 amendments and revamps everything from individual and corporate tax rates to reimbursements for bicycle commuters.

To make sense of this massive new law, Columbus CEO is teaming up with the tax experts at Clarus Partners to sort through the changes.  On March 1, we’re hosting a panel discussion—moderated by yours truly—that will focus on how the new law will affect small businesses and entrepreneurs, two of the biggest potential beneficiaries of the new law—if they seize the opportunity.

A 20-percent tax cut for small businesses is the most significant change. Our expert panel—Robert Evans, Clarus Partners senior manager; Nancy Supowit, Clarus Partners director; and Miranda Morgan, a partner with the law firm Ice Miller—will breakdown the ins and outs of that reduction in taxable income: How does it work? Who qualifies? What are the exceptions? And is now the time for an entrepreneur to form an LLC?  But that change isn’t the only important new development for small businesses added into the federal tax code, and our panelists will sort through all the opportunities and pitfalls on the horizon.

All tickets will be sold in advance, and each purchase will include a one-year subscription to Columbus CEO and our sister publication, Columbus Monthly.

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