PopCom receives funding from venture capital funds and accelerators across the US.

As intelligent vending grows in popularity, so has PopCom's funding. In December, the automated retail tech company received $1 million from venture capital funds/accelerators including NCT Ventures, Rev1 Ventures, Jumpstart Focus Fund, Techstars, Backstage Capital, Canopy Boulder and others. 

Columbus-based PopCom, formerly Solutions Vending, was founded in October 2012 by Dawn Dickson, an Ohio State graduate. As interactive kiosks increase in popularity—an estimated $73 billion market by 2020—PopCom allows otherwise dumb vending machines to process consumer data with its software. It also helps the 7 percent of smart machines—ones that are able to provide Wi-Fi, accept credit card payments and can be monitored remotely—be even smarter.

PopCom is able to provide demographic information and inventory monitoring and also capture sales data, leverage insights for lead generation and retarget advertising.

Dickson, PopCom's CEO, says, “The explosion of this market signals a major transformation for how consumers shop and interact with brands today, so it is critical that brands offer their products where consumers want them, but also integrate technologies that help them leverage these touchpoints to glean the best insights.”

PopCom's fundraising round is still open and it hopes to raise more.