Saying thank you means more than just having good manners today. These two little words may have a greater impact on your marketing.

Not only are the holidays known for a time of being thankful, but also our day-to-day business. As a business owner, you’ve probably discovered by now that saying thank you has become a part of your daily vocabulary. You might even say it multiple times a day without even noticing. But what you might find interesting is that your gratitude could impact your social media following, the way you attract new leads and your website conversions.

Who doesn’t like a marketing campaign that’s driven by happiness, giving and appreciation? As customers, it makes us feel appreciated. As business owners, it shows your customers that you’re human.

Gratitude is an important marketing tool that allows you to humanize your business by expressing emotion. In return, appreciation allows your leads and customers to establish a connection with you.

Take a thank you one step further with these simple gratitude marketing tools.

Build a social connection.

Your social media platforms are one of the easiest ways to convey gratitude. One way to say thanks is when you hit follower milestones. For example, if you reach 1,000 followers on Instagram, then publish a post saying thanks and expressing your appreciation of their support. Also take it to social media when you hit general business milestones. Your social media gratitude could be presented in a number of forms:

Post a simple message/image of thanks. If you have an e-commerce website, provide a promotion code. Kickstart a giveaway—t-shirts, tumblers, gift cards, merchandise or anything else you have in mind. Feature loyal customers with a mention post or a fun video.

Create a web-friendly thank you.

Show appreciation to website users with thank you pages. If you have an e-commerce website, after a customer places an order, it should always end with a thank-you message for the order or a thank you landing page. If your products or services aren’t for sale online, you can still say thank you through other means. You might have a contact form on your website. Be sure to leave a thank you message or thank you page after they hit submit.

Write a thank you note.

You might have experienced one of those times where just saying thank you doesn’t feel like enough. For instance, a customer may have provided a 5-star review with glowing details online. With reviews having a growing impact on online buying habits, you should definitely show your gratitude. In those moments, take the extra steps to prepare a handwritten card. A personal touch will make them feel extra appreciated.

Gratitude first, and the connections will follow.

When you’re looking for your next marketing plan, consider genuine appreciation. You might be thanking yourself after you experience the power behind gratitude marketing.

Jordan Brown is the Marketing & Creative Director at Pizzazz Group, a digital marketing agency in Columbus, OH. She works with Pizzazz Group clients to combine creative visual design and clever marketing to successfully tell their company’s story. Learn more about Pizzazz Group at Email: