The sky's the limit for local internet cloud operations.

Columbus has been known for having a large concentration of corporate enterprise data centers in the past. Now, its reputation is morphing into being one of the world's top locations for internet cloud operations, according to a CBRE report.

Some of the city's intrinsic characteristics make it the perfect place to house data center operations—namely, its geographic nearness to about 50 percent of the US population, and the fact that it sits within the “Golden Triangle” between New York, Chicago and Washington DC having one of the highest data concentrations in the world within it. Also giving Columbus points are a favorable tax climate and a low cost of operation.

As Columbus' reputation crescendos, so has investment in the US data sector. For the first half of 2017, investment has reached a record high—$18.2 billion—which is more than double the amount for all of 2016 for single-asset, portfolio and entity-level/M&A transactions.

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