Upgrade to prescription monitoring tool will help lower instances of 'doctor shopping.'

Ohio has become the first state in the US to offer an upgrade to its statewide database for prescribed controlled substances. This feature will work to alert prescribers of suspected patient abuse, including hopping from doctor to doctor to receive prescriptions for controlled substances.

 Some features of the upgrade include scores that calculate a patient’s potential for overdose and addiction, red flags to alert prescribers of patient safety issues, interactive visualization of prescription data, a messaging option to communicate with other healthcare providers and the ability to search for local addiction treatment providers. The Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS) was established in 2006.

The upgrade will be offered free of charge starting November 20 to all Ohio healthcare providers with access to OARRS.

These measures come during a time of crisis for opioid abuse in the community, including in the workplace.

For more information on OARRS, please visit pharmacy.ohio.gov/oarrs.