Voice Metrics may be an innovative answer to a cumbersome CEO problem.

Launch Pad: Voice Metrics Helps C-levels Stay Informed

Invented by: Stuart Crane

Cost: Subscription cost undecided

Investor: Stuart Crane

Amount funded: Under $20,000

When a CEO doesn't know where his or her company's key business indicators fall, bad things can happen. But pulling up the stats online can be an extra step in an already busy day. Stuart Crane created an Alexa skill called Voice Metrics to make it easier. The skill is compatible with any technology that uses Alexa voice listening and will answer questions about company metrics that are tracked, whether it's how many transactions a company had in a day or the best hour for sales.

“I'm most excited about how can businesses, CEOs, and C-level people in companies, utilize technology—whether it's sitting in their kitchen, making breakfast in the morning or they're driving to work—because Alexa and all of these technologies will be built into the cars,” Crane says.

Crane sees a time when asking Alexa for Voice Metrics will be a daily routine. But right now, Voice Metrics is in beta, testing the skill with Citywide Home Loans CEO Teresa Whitehead and ScriptDrop CEO Nicholas Potts.

Crane is also working with Smart Columbus to keep Mayor Andrew Ginther informed about the city's transportation usage stats and more.

Crane plans to go out of beta by winter. And, fortunately for him, there's no rush to start making a profit. Crane was able to bootstrap Voice Metrics due to a lucrative sale of his former business, Definitive Homecare Solutions.

Will Voice Metrics achieve startup success?

“Voice Metrics seems like a great idea to keep business leaders informed in a timely and efficient manner. At this early stage, I'd encourage market testing across industries, user levels—inside and outside the C-suite—KPI data sources, and monetization schemes. Once investor funds come into play, a sound plan to develop the product, build the team, grow revenues and fend off competition will be key.”

Industry Expert: Vance Zanardelli, Member, Ohio TechAngels

“I currently have Siri read my briefing each week or morning from an email my assistant compiles from each department. This whole process takes her minutes a day. Cost is minimal annually this way, and she has a pulse on everything I need to know as well.”

Potential User: Zachary Traxler, CEO and Founder, Traxler Printing

“Voice Metrics clearly has some intriguing business intelligence/reporting value to an organization through (its) ‘daily briefing' tailored to each functional leader. I also see value during meetings where Voice Metrics can access key KPIs real time, allowing executives to make decisions without additional follow-up.”

Potential Investor: David Cherry, Executive Advisor, Cherry Advisory

Tech Elevator Launches in Cincinnati

Columbus' Tech Elevator is no longer the newbie after opening a year ago. Now, the Cleveland-based organization is also in Cincinnati.

Geared toward adults looking for a career pivot to tech, Tech Elevator offers 14-week coding classes for a tuition of $14,000. After classes, Tech Elevator's Pathways Program looks to place its graduates in jobs within a Tech Elevator location. This means that Columbus companies such as partnering businesses CoverMyMeds and JPMorgan Chase could now get more coders from Cincinnati as well as from the local branch and Cleveland.

For those interested, the spring session will start Jan. 15 for all campuses.