Since it is Columbus CEO's anniversary in October, we have been thinking about throwbacks from our magazine and from Columbus.

Since it is Columbus CEO's anniversary in October, we have been thinking about throwbacks from our magazine and from Columbus.

Forget Throwback Thursday. Think Throwback 25 instead.

We're revving up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Columbus CEO and you're invited to join in the fun.

Think back over the last 25 years and specifically to October 1992. That's when Columbus CEO first appeared to offer a new kind of coverage of the central Ohio business scene. A lot has changed since then, and the pace of change continues to accelerate in nearly every industry.

What has been the most dramatic change in your line of work over the past 2½ decades? Maybe it was technology-driven, like the development of all things digital. Maybe it was more of a social change, such as more empowering of women and minorities in the workplace. Maybe the job you did back then doesn't exist anymore, and the job you'll do in the next 25 years is waiting to be created.

We have writers working now on lookback stories in 10 different sectors, and we will be rolling out queries on our Facebook page seeking your input on significant changes in these industries as well.

Here are the sectors we're targeting:

• Banking and finance

• Communications and data

• Education

• Energy and utilities

• Healthcare

• Hospitality and entertainment

• Housing

• Manufacturing

• Retail and fashion

• Transportation and logistics

And just to get you started, here are a few observations of what was occurring in those sectors in 1992:

• People still kept check registers and balanced their checkbooks.

• Hardly anyone had mobile phones; pagers kept us connected.

• Online studieswere not available; students had to go to class.

• A gallon of regular gas cost $1.13, and no one drove electric vehicles.

• Hospitals operated independently, not in large systems.

• We rented videos from Blockbuster; Netflix and streaming media didn't exist, and even DVDs had yet to be introduced.

• Living Downtown wasn't a thing, unless maybe in the tony Waterford Tower.

• Manufacturing was the top industry in Ohio; 3D printing was science fiction.

• City Center was a popular shopping destination.

• A light rail system with a Downtown hub was under discussion, as well as high-speed rail.

Fast forward to today.

We use smart phones to make purchases in the checkout line and buy all kinds of goods online.

Toddlers swipe digital screens to entertain themselves, and elementary students create YouTube videos.

Couriers take us wherever we want to go or pick up and deliver our dinner.

Drones take photos from above—assessing storm damage or archiving special events.

Implanted microchips help find lost pets and give employees special workplace privileges.

You get the idea. Much has changed in the 25 years that Columbus CEO has been covering business in central Ohio.

Back to our Facebook queries, we couldn't have had this two-way conversation when our magazine started publishing, but now we can. You're no longer just a reader; now, you're part of an online discussion about to launch.

I can't wait to see the great stories and examples you can share of how much your business has evolved and pivoted to keep up with the times.

Use the hashtag—not even aterm until 10 years ago!—#tb25