This riverside office is part recruiting firm, part art museum.

Executive search firm BeecherHill has the right idea about offices—a patio overlooking the Scioto River, varied and tasteful artwork, ethereal white and light blue walls, open desk space, plenty of windows, a bowl of candy to make reception's greeting sweeter.

In the four to five years that the firm has occupied the riverfront space, BeecherHill employees say the move has been transformational.

BeecherHill's previous space in the Gahanna/New Albany area was created to house a medical company, meaning “hallways and offices; more traditional,” says Senior Managing Director Wilson Browning.

“It felt pretty compartmentalized,” he says. “Coming here, the purpose was to break down walls and get us together. It definitely invites an environment of information-sharing and speed in communication in a way that enables our work. We hear from each other and we learn from each other, we hear each other make decisions.”

The collaborative space allows employees to learn better from each other by experiencing the daily work each employee is doing, says Browning.

It's just more enjoyable, too,” he adds.

The former Columbia Gas building didn't come this way, however. The opposite side of the space occupied by BeecherHill on the first floor was “‘law firm': green carpet, cherry wood trim and all that. They left and we broke down the wall and took over the space,” says Browning.

Dupler Office is responsible for the furniture—including a spotless white leather couch in reception— but the design vision for the office belongs to founder and Managing Principal Cindy Hilsheimer. The clean colors and modern furniture are matched with colorful and interesting artwork, including pieces by the late Denny Griffith and one by Pelotonia President and CEO Doug Ulman's mom. Sweeping down the wall behind reception is a piece by CCAD student Lauren Alexander composed of many small, metal butterflies.

Perhaps the most interesting art piece is the one in the group space behind a communal office room. Hanging on the wall is a row of picture frames, which were filled with shots from a Wexner Center for the Arts exhibit. Browning says employees rotate the pictures themselves and choose the theme whenever inspired.

“The first time we put this up, everyone went around the city and took pictures with their phone and then we had them printed,” he says.

BeecherHill doesn't only meet the need for a collaborative and aesthetically pleasing space, it also offers fresh and healthy food stocked in the company kitchen and provided by Belmont Deli.

In addition to the benefits employees have reaped in the new space, Browning says, clients have also voiced approval.

“We get a lot of compliments about it. We're a recruiting firm, so we're bringing people from all over the country here to Columbus and helping them relocate. It's contemporary in a way that's unexpected (to visitors).”