Employee turnover was identified as a top local challenge in the 2016 Central Ohio CEO Survey byCapital University for Columbus CEO. Here is how some past CEO of the Year honorees are addressing it.

Gail Kelley, President, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK

Turnover is simply a fact of life in a business that requires its front line to be able to handle stressful situations, endure long hours of lifting heavy personal property, and remain positive and customer-focused until the job is done, no matter how long the day stretches out.

And then our front-line staff come back and do the same thing the next day.

Our philosophy has remained the same for many years: Compensation and benefits are what people NEED from a job/position, but it is the praise and recognition from their peers and their customers that make them WANT to come back every day.

We make it our goal to find and recognize the individuals in our company who are performing their roles with clarity and humor, and with great hearts, and we do that every day.

Steve Allen, MD, CEO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

We put children and families at the center of every decision we make, including hiring and retaining our employees. We seek the most talented candidates who also exemplify our commitment to putting patients first. All faculty and staff have the same mission as the hospital. It's what we call our “One Team” culture—ensuring best outcomes for children. We regularly ask our employees how we can improve Nationwide Children's, and we act on those suggestions. We encourage our people to take on challenges, and we give them the resources to succeed. We offer all staff educational and development opportunities so they can grow professionally.

Employees do leave Nationwide Children's, but more often than you might think, they come back. They tell us the mission-driven, “One Team” culture is an important reason why.

Jane Grote Abell, Chairwoman of the Board, Donatos Pizza

Attrition and turnover are inevitable, as often associates use their time with us as a stepping stone into a larger role within the company, or for employment as they are fulfilling their own dream.

At Donatos, we believe whether an associate is with us for a part-time job or a long-term career, their experience should be one of goodwill.

We are firm believers in giving second chances, and we often hire associates facing barriers to employment. Through this hiring process we have learned associates become more loyal when given an opportunity for a fresh start.

Creating a workplace where people can bring their “whole selves” to work creates a better environment and reduces attrition and turnover.

It is our hope other business leaders in the community will take a chance on individuals facing barriers.

Patrick Losinski, CEO, Columbus Metropolitan Library

At Columbus Metropolitan Library, we emphasize our organizational values and try to be intentional about creating a culture that attracts and retains the best talent.Fortunately, the purpose and vision of our library resonates with our employees, and they take great pride in making a difference in our community.

Our turnover is greatest with part-time staff, yet they allow us to have the flexibility and capacity to operate 23 locations seven days per week. We try to provide as much flexibility as possible to help part-time staff balance their life demands.

One of our internal strategies is to “Grow Our Team”—investing in all levels of staff to help them reach their potential.Taking time to help each employee understand how their work contributes to their department, and the library as a whole, is also critical to our success.

Dave Blom, President and CEO, OhioHealth

Retaining talent is something we pay a lot of attention to at OhioHealth. Our 29,000 associates, physicians and volunteers are the reason for our success. When we find skilled and caring people who truly understand that, we don't want to lose them.

We retain associates with competitive wages and benefits, a strong recognition program, professional development opportunities, and, perhaps most importantly, continually evolving and shaping our culture.

People want to work for companies that have a strong positive culture, where associates have pride in the work they do and where there's a great deal of trust throughout the entire organization.

These make for dedicated and loyal staff members and, ultimately, help us win their hands, hearts and minds so they'll stay here till the end of their careers.