Choice Recovery's job placement program exponentially grows number of nonpayers it helps.

The [re]start program has been busy since August 2016. The program, whose goal is to place those indebted to Choice Recovery clients into new jobs, saw its 500th placement in March 2017. In August, [re]start had placed 375 clients since its launch in January 2014.

The 500th person to be placed is Tina Musico, now a driver for a transit company. Her money trouble started while taking time away from work to care for a loved one who was ill. With no Internet at home, Musico didn’t have a good outlet for finding a new job. A client of Choice Recovery in Jacksonville, Fla., recommended the [re]start program to Musico. The program hooked her up with the company she now works for and gave her interviewing instruction, helping her land the job.

VP Sarah Harkins says, “While the primary purpose of Choice Recovery is to collect debt for clients, we recognize that many people have experienced unexpected financial setbacks that result in their inability to pay their bills. The majority of debtors want to regain control of their lives and finances but are often unsure of how to do so. That’s why we created [re]start. We feel a social responsibility to assist those who want help, and working with our [re]start team, we know that we can transform lives by simply offering a helping hand.”

With 500 placements logged, Choice Recovery is continuing to move toward its goal of 10,000 by 2025.