A modernized space intended for comfort and style.

The Insights & Marketing arm of Baesman works for retail and employs retail. To retain bodies comfortable in that role, Baesman: Insights & Marketing tailors its workspace to the talent it employs.

“Working retail you burn out pretty quick, so we took the best and brightest from those places, and brought them to a place where they don't have to worry about working 24-7 and still be in that retail environment—most of our clients are in that retail space. We stay there because it's our bread and butter,” says Brand Marketing Manager Evan Magliocca, who came from another retail gig himself.

The 13-person firm analyzes data for brands wishing to beef up marketing strategy, with President Jeff Sopko at the helm. Sopko and his team moved into their home only months ago.

“Our business has really been booming (for the last five years), so we decided on a bigger step,” he says of the new space.

Its previous space, located just above its current one, had a different feel.

“Upstairs—think of a shoe box—it was long and narrow, a great space with 100-year old wood floors and brick walls. We were looking for ‘industrial chic,'” says Sopko.

That look is accomplished with a palette of soft, neutral colors, concrete lookalike floors and glass as far as the eye can see. Conference rooms are encased in glass walls, and windows line the edges of the space—original frames holding original glass.

“Apparently, this was the showroom for International Harvester, for the truck and tractor division. Essentially (the windows) were big doors that would open up and they would unload—back in the day, in the 40's—the tractors and the trucks. This was the showroom in Downtown Columbus,” says Sopko.

The capacious space, previously a salon/spa, had been divided by drywall into smaller rooms, making it impossible to see any windows from the center. When Baesman got its hands on the space, it was gutted. Now, natural light pours in. “It was a gem for us—a hidden gem,” says Sopko.

Not only designed to look good, Baesman's Downtown space is meant to feel good as a comfortable area built for collaboration. Right in the middle is an area that looks like it was plucked from someone's stylish living room. Soft couches draped with blankets sandwich a wooden coffee table that matches other wood accents sprinkled throughout the space. A brick patio sits off to the side and boasts another change of scenery for Baesman employees.

“As we created the space, the overall theme was to be able to take advantage of some of our beliefs—our work-life balance belief, you know, a great workspace, yet you feel like you're at home,” says Sopko. “Most of the folks that work here came from various brands and that's a different animal—it's late nights—it's not necessarily that work-life balance, so that's what we tried (to create).”

And the culture is much like the office designed to hold it.

“Fridays we usually sit out there, work with a drink,” says Magliocca.