Confidence in leaders and understanding of a company's goals help align the work of all employees.

Confidence in leaders and understanding of a company's goals help align the work of all employees.

It's not uncommon for the bosses at Diley Ridge Medical Center in Canal Winchester to walk around the building visiting different departments and chatting with employees.

"Everybody rounds," says Monica Treinish, director of patient care services. "It's not necessarily a formalized process; it's just what we do."

Rounding provides opportunities for the leadership team to get to know the employees, talk about important initiatives and compliment employees who have done great work, she says. It also provides staff members the chance to ask questions, make suggestions and develop a rapport with employees at all levels.

The organization also uses staff meetings, newsletter and other internal communications to convey important ideas to staff members. All of that interaction gives employees confidence in the leadership and sends the message "that we're all in this together," she says. "The team comes in the door knowing the expectations of the position and the culture of the facility and this ultimately helps our employees know from the beginning where we envision Diley Ridge going."

Having confidence in company leadership is one of the most significant elements of a Top Workplace, according to Columbus CEO's recent survey. Sixty-four percent of central Ohio workers surveyed agreed that having confidence in the leaders was important to their job satisfaction. Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed rated confidence in the direction that the company was going as important.

Employees need to feel good about the direction of their workplace, says Treinish. "I tell people it's important that the executive team understand the initiatives but it's your staff that is making it happen," she says. "If you do not ensure your employees know the goals and where the organization is in regards to those goals, you cannot expect them to align with those goals and take part in furthering the organization."

Showing employees how they drive results also can help them understand the direction and priorities of the company, says Kristi Cappelletti-Matthews, chief human resources officer of VSP Global. "Employees who understand how their work supports the overall mission and vision of the company are more motivated and focused," she says. "Clear prioritization helps clear lanes for employees to do their best work and allows them to focus on the work that is most impactful. When they know they're making a difference, they are more engaged and effective."

One way the company helps employees make a difference is through the charitable eye care programs it supports, Cappelletti-Matthews says. Those programs, which offer volunteer opportunities for employees, help engage employees.

CEO Jim McGrannalso values regular and transparent communication with his employees. He and the leadership team use meetings, webcasts, short videos and email to communicate with staffers. The company also checks in with its employees through engagement surveys to better understand what it "feels" like to work for VSP Global, Cappelletti-Matthews says. "Some of those questions are dedicated to identifying whether or not employees understand our corporate direction and if they're bought in. Based on the results, we initiate action planning and education to help ensure alignment across all areas."

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