Columbus CEO honors 18 medical professionals, executives, volunteers and organizations making Columbus healthier

Good health is everything.

It enables people and communities to realize their potential. When affordable, quality healthcare is available, communities thrive. Businesses and other vital institutions and their workforces are better able to focus on what they do best. And when healthcare providers strive to improve community health, we all benefit.

Realizing the critical importance of healthcare to the local economy and wellbeing, Columbus CEO proudly presents our second annual HealthCare Achievement Awards to 18 individuals and organizations working daily to make central Ohio a healthier place to live, work and prosper.

Winners and finalists in eight categories are profiled in this issue. They were nominated late last year and selected by an independent panel of three distinguished physicians for the awards they will receive in a reception Feb. 13 at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Finalists are being recognized in six of the categories, with tie votes producing two finalists each in two categories. The categories being recognized are:

Executive of the Year Rising Above Practitioner of the Year Community Partner R&D Initiative Wellness Program Volunteers of the Year Lifetime Achievement

Click here to learn how these individuals and institutions are benefiting the Columbus area through their dedication to improving access to high quality care, reaching out to those in need, educating health professionals and consumers and finding effective new treatments. To your health!