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Business Budget for Monday, September 30, 2013

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^Facebook, Google go head-to-head in mobile, video ad wars

CPT-ADWARS:MK _ Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. are poised to dominate a growing online advertising arena that's increasingly being defined by the rise of mobile computing and video.

Facebook and Google have sizable and established user bases seen as critical as ad dollars shift to mobile away from desktop PCs. The two Internet giants are also zeroing in more on video ads, which are expected to lead to robust growth, although some analysts are skeptical that video will have much of a financial impact over the next year or two.

700 by Benjamin Pimentel in San Francisco. MOVED




STAND-ALONE VIDEO: Know what's in your target date fund

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^Law school graduate learns how to pay off a heavy debt


At 13, when most boys are fretting about the perils of girls and middle school, Post was attending California State University-Los Angeles, working on degrees in computer science and applied mathematics. At 18, Post was entering the University of Southern California's Gould School of Law. At 22, Post became a member of the State Bar of California.

Along the way, the U.S. economy took to the slow track. Like many in his generation facing the worst job market in decades, Post opted to stay in school.

The Altadena, Calif., resident is now 24 and has landed well-paying work as a programmer for a website operator. But he also faces $215,000 in student loans, with a minimum monthly payment of $2,756.

1250 (with trims) by Ronald D. White. MOVED


^Retirement hurts big earners too, study finds

PFP-RETIREMENT-CUTS:LA _ The more money you make before retirement, the more you may have to cut back when you do retire, a new study has found.

Because of Social Security benefits, some low-wage earners receive more income when they retire than they did when they were working. By contrast, many high-wage earners see their incomes reduced significantly in retirement, according to a report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

250 by Stuart Pfeifer. MOVED


^Today's market report


600 by MarketWatch staff.

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PFP-YIP-COLUMN:DA _ Examining current personal-finance issues.

1000 by Pamela Yip.

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PFP-TOMPOR-COLUMN:DE _ Insights on timely personal finance topics.

700 by Susan Tompor. MOVED


PFP-ONTHEMONEY:MCT _ A handful of personal-finance resources on a new topic each week.

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PFP-MARKSJARVIS-COLUMN-ADV:TB _ Moved Friday _ Personal finance strategies in response to the news of the day.

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PFP-SPENDINGSMART-ADV:TB _ Did not move_ Methods for managing spending and budgets.

1000 by Gregory Karp. MOVED


^Kids and Money: College opens doors _ to identity thieves


So, here's my question: Has your student given any thought to making sure his wallet is secure, his bank account statement is out of sight, and the ATM deposit slips and debit card aren't in plain view on top of a stack of textbooks?

Unfortunately, the statistics provide some answers. According to the Federal Trade Commission, young adults 18 to 29 make up the largest proportion of identity theft victims. Scammers steal the personal information mostly to take out loans that will never be repaid.

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