Editor's note: Sixth in a series of personality stories on the top 10 academic students in the Loudonville High Class of 2018.

The combination of an excellent engineering department and a superlative college baseball program have attracted Logan Fisher, one of the top 10 academic students in Loudonville High School's Class of 2018, to enroll at Mount Union University.

Fisher, son of Brent and Deb Fisher of rural Perrysville, carries a 3.808 accumulated academic average at LHS. He also will move from high school to college with approximately 40 hours of college credits, earned through the College Credit Plus program. Right now he is enrolled full time at North Central State College.

In fact, the only time he spends at LHS right now is at baseball practice.

Fisher is a pitcher and shortstop with the Redbird baseball team, and carries a career batting average of around .400 going into his senior year.

He is also, as he was told by baseball Coach Brandon Grimes, part of what, if the team wins 13 games this season, will be the winningest baseball class in LHS history.

He has been recruited to pitch at Mount Union.

In addition to baseball, Fisher was a regular for the Redbird football and basketball teams. As a sophomore, he was backup quarterback for the football team, and his year was a wide receiver and safety.

On the basketball team he averaged in double figures for the 12-12 Redbirds, a five-win improvement from last year's team, on which he was also a starter.

Baseball, however, has always been his favorite sport. He started playing T-ball in the Perrysville Youth League at the ripe old age of 4, and in addition to playing on the local Perrysville teams, played on a traveling team in his late elementary and junior high years, with his dad coaching some of those teams.

"I am really excited about playing baseball this year," he said. "We have a chance to be really good."

While always known at school as an outstanding athlete, Fisher is also an outstanding student, with his favorite subject math and his favorite teacher Mr. Seth Youngen, whom he took Algebra I and II, and finance, from. "Mr. Youngen allowed me to work at my own pace in class, and because math came easy to me, allowed me to help other students in class with it," he said.

His interest in computer engineering came through STEM Classes at LHS, including introduction to engineering, principles of engineering and engineering design, along with a special digital electronics taught by Mr. Jay Bitner.

College Credit Plus courses he has taken include at Loudonville High School, Composition I and II, College Algebra and American Politics, and at NCSC, psychology, American History, music appreciation, physics, speech, trigonometry, statistics and economics.

Regarding studying, he commented "most of it comes pretty easy to me, but I have had some trouble with English and social studies classes. For instance, I got a C-plus and a B-minus in the two composition courses."

It's not all study and sports for Fisher. He also works 20 hours a week, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Daisy Brands in Wooster, a factory job, making sour cream and cream cheese.

Asked if anyone had a major influence in his success in both academics and sports, he pointed "to my family, my parents and other relatives, who told me that if I worked hard, I would succeed."

He has a younger brother, Derek, who also plays baseball, football and basketball.