The Kent Free Library recently held a Teddy Bear Tea Party. Twenty-eight girls attended with mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

This was the first tea party the library has hosted, and according to Youth Services Librarian Leah Berger, who arranged the program, it was a success. Each child attending was asked to bring a teddy bear or other doll or stuffed animal, and was encouraged to dress "fancy."

"Every girl brought at least one stuffed animal and about half wore very pretty party dresses," said Berger.

The library’s meeting room was lavishly decorated with balloons, ribbons, tablecloths, teapots and teacups purchased from thrift stores, and even décor from Berger’s wedding.

After going through the buffet line for cupcakes and candy, each attendee introduced herself and her toy. The girls then enjoyed practicing pouring tea and carefully drinking from teacups.

"I think they could have just sat there and played with the teapots and cups for the entire hour, and not done any of the crafts," said Berger. But the girls took a break to make fans and color teddy bear bookmarks. They also played a game to find the hidden tea set, to win their own porcelain teacup.

Berger was pleased to watch the adults enjoying their time with the children, and said that quite a few parents and grandparents expressed their thanks for the opportunity to have fun, relax, and laugh together.

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