SMITHVILLE — The Wayne County Schools Career Center has taken over another important function for work force development in the county.

Lynn Moomaw, the Career Center's director of operations and adult education, said in her December board report the school has become a Pearson Vue Test Center.

The University of Akron Wayne College could no longer staff its site and "was very helpful and supportive" in helping the Career Center set up a base of operations, according to Moomaw, adding Wayne College personnel "donated lockers and met with us providing valuable insight."

"In addition the IT department assisted with the installation of software and setup of hardware and working with Pearson Vue to make the online connections," Moomaw reported.

Wayne College was "very gracious to us," said Katie Wiggam, who along with Josi Weaver-Kranz, is an ACT Job Profiler for the Career Center.

Taking on that ACT role was "quite time-consuming, but is proving to be a real asset and need in Wayne and surrounding counties, as the WEDC (Wayne Economic Development Council) has brought in a number of new businesses," Moomaw said.

"We just added Pearson — a national testing company," said Wiggam, designed to help "an individual who wants to fill a credential."

"We'll schedule testing online," Wiggam said, adding, "We have open hours."

Pearson Vue offers "thousands of certifications," Moomaw said. "Five of our staff members are trained to be Pearson Vue monitors. The Career Center is paid a portion of the test registration fee."

"It does create a bit of revenue for us," Wiggam said.

Among the services provided by the Career Center's adult education assessment lab is "test(ing) incoming adult students," Wiggam said, in preparing for post high school educational opportunities.

The ACT WorkKeys test, for example, Wiggam said, consists of three different tests, ranging from math to graphic literacy, the latter being related to "the paperwork you're going to see in a workplace."

"That is just one aspect of my job," Wiggam said, adding, another is working with local businesses.

"Several of the largest businesses in Wayne County use the testing lab for pre-employment or employee testing," Moomaw said.

Wiggam helps determine "what skills and tests are needed for an entry level job or production."

"I can help businesses with hiring by job profiling a certain position" Wiggam said, using, in part, pre-employment testing.

"When needs arise (for businesses), we hope to help out," Wiggam said.

"(Wiggam), our testing coordinator, has done a tremendous job maintaining and expanding our services," Moomaw said. "She works well with all of our clients. Her integrity and professionalism inspire their trust."

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