MACEDONIA — The city plans to spend a good chunk of money repaving and repairing roads this year after it has neglected them in recent years, according to Mayor Joseph Migliorini.

City Council recently passed a 2018 budget which totals $14.05 million in the general fund, a 2.9 percent decrease from 2017, while the overall budget for 2018 totals about $29.52 million, up from $25.85 million in 2017.

Finance Director Rhonda Hall said the main difference in the overall budget between 2018 and 2017 is the road program, with a $9.34 million budget for 2018 compared to $1.85 million in 2017.

Hall said about $381,821 of the 2017 road program funds came from the 0.25 percent income tax increase passed in May, and that figure is expected to be about $1.19 million in 2018.

"Eventually, all the road program funds will come from the 0.25 percent additional tax," she said.

Migliorini said the remainder of the repaving / repair funds will come from a bond the city has taken out.

"We’ll probably look like Orange Barrel City this year," the mayor said. "We have neglected our roads for years, and now we’re trying to catch up. We’ll be paving a lot of roads."

Meanwhile, Hall said the 2018 budget process went smoothly, noting the carryover balance from 2017 to 2018 is estimated at $1.3 million to $1.45 million.

"However, based on the budgeted revenues and expenditures, it looks like the general fund will end 2018 with only a $232,000 balance, but that is based upon whether all departments spend what has been budgeted, which in past years hasn’t been the case."

"In recent years we’ve run a very tight ship," said Migliorini. "The city has always operated on a shoestring, and we are not spending money foolishly. State cuts have caused us to be flat financially.

"As an example, the consolidation of the city’s and surrounding fire departments is a longterm proposition which will see benefits when it’s time to replace equipment," he added.

Hall explained the general fund total of $14.05 million is down from the final 2017 figure of $14.47 million.

Of the general fund total, $8.4 million will go for personal services and $5.65 million for other expenditures. The fire department commands $3.83 million of the general fund budget, with the police department at $3.3 million.

Street construction and maintenance expenditures total $1.39 million, with the finance department at $759,600, dispatch at $709,550, debt payments at $651,200 and building at $599,550.

Special revenue funds for street construction and maintenance accounts for an additional $2 million, with street maintenance and repair requiring $1.15 million of that.

Macedonia Family Recreation Center special revenue funds are expected to be about $1.54 million, while $575,250 is budgeted for parks and recreation.

The overall budget includes the $9.34 million in capital improvement funds for the road program and $480,000 for other capital improvements.

Councilwoman Jan Tulley said projects for which capital improvement funds are used in 2018 soon will be determined by the finance committee.

Hall said income tax collections for 2017 are expected to end up at $8.9 million, about $738,801 more than the year before. Joint Economic Development District revenue for Macedonia totaled $288,000, up $29,565 from 2016.

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