On our 49th anniversary, I asked my wife where she would like to go. She said, my sister went to Cambridge Dickens a few years ago, let's go there. So we drove seven hours from North Carolina to Cambridge on I-77.

We spent two nights in Colonel Taylor for a wonderful stay, had an excellent tour of Cambridge Glass, enjoyed the Courthouse lights, read each of the Dickens’ marquees on Wheeling Avenue (my wife is a seamstress and enjoyed the costumes), went to the Guernsey County Museum and Dickens’ Welcome Center, heard the miner's talk and met Rick Booth and Judy and the miner — very kind. We ate at The Forum and went to Wonderland of Trees, and met nice people from the hospital.

People could not have been nicer. We hear of "southern hospitality," but you all are just as hospitable as us "southerners."

We enjoyed the antique store and met Anna and Dick Pavlov.

We ate at Francis’ for a nice lunch.

We heard of another Boutwell in town, but did not meet them (there are a few Boutwells around). Thanks for a warm welcome. You all have a nice town.

Philip and Sue Boutwell

Winston-Salem, N.C.