MACEDONIA — Aided by a stormwater management fee, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has been able to help the city tackle some of its stormwater problems.

Councilwoman Sylvia Hanneken said the city has enjoyed "tremendous success" working with NEORSD recently.

NEORSD senior watershed team leader Rachel Webb on Thursday informed city officials and residents in attendance at Council’s regular meeting about some of the district’s endeavors.

Beginning with the July billing, NEORSD began charging a stormwater management fee to its customers. It is based on the amount of impervious surface on a property.

Webb pointed out this year’s main project in Macedonia is the Sioux Lane culvert replacement, which City Engineer Joe Gigliotti said is nearing completion.

Cost of that project is about $320,000, and it involves replacement of six culverts with one large structure to provide scour and erosion protection along the sides and outlet.

Another project scheduled in the near future is building a retention basin on Iroquois Trail behind Sugarbush Park. Cost is about $50,000. A home there recently was razed to make way for the basin.

Webb said in addition to those projects, NEORSD has performed 39 inspections and 12 maintenance projects in the Macedonia area, plus removed 85 cubic yards of debris and 110 cubic yards of sediment from waterways.

NEORSD’s stormwater master plan for the Cuyahoga River South region, of which Macedonia is a part, calls for recommendations for Phase I of the Indian Creek sub-watershed and Phase II covering the Brandywine, Chippewa and Tinker’s Creek sub-watersheds to be determined in the first quarter of 2018.

It was noted that Macedonia’s Ledge-North Bedford roads area is a possible future target area for attention, as well as the area near Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

Webb explained the stormwater master plans allow OEORSD to do the following:

• Intense intercommunity watershed-based efforts.

• Refine operations and maintenance needs.

• Policy recommendations based on understanding of real problems and possible solutions.

• Identification of early action projects.

• Nominate projects for the stormwater construction plan.

Webb said NEORSD’s total study area covers 184,000 acres, nine sub-watersheds and 24 member communities, including Macedonia, Northfield Village and Sagamore Hills Township.

According to Webb, Macedonia is one of 31 communities in the region that participates in the community cost-share program for funding construction projects.

NEORSD’s website states residences are placed in one of three categories to determine their stormwater utility fee: Tier 1 (less than 2,000 square feet), Tier 2 (2,000 to 4,000 square feet) and Tier 3 (more than 4,000 square feet).

Monthly fees are $3.09 for Tier 1, $5.15 for Tier 2 and $9.27 for Tier 3. Non-residential properties are billed based on the number of Equivalent Residential Units of impervious surface they encompass.

Customers can receive a reduction in fees if they take measures to reduce the stormwater volume or minimize the pollutants flowing from their properties.

Non-residential customers cannot apply for credit using residential-type stormwater control measures. To be eligible for credit, SCMs must meet all community standards and ordinances.

For information about credits and the NEORSD’s activities, visit

Following years of controversy between Cleveland and the suburbs over rates, the Cleveland Regional Sewer District was established in 1972. The name was changed to NEORSD in 1979.

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