We made it! A week ago we unloaded all our worldly goods into our little log house in Columbus, North Carolina.

Thanks to the help of the Strong family and friends, we were crammed into a 26-foot U-Haul truck, our two cars, Robyn’s van, and grandson Gabe’s pickup truck by mid-Saturday afternoon. Daughter Robyn provided a much appreciated slow cooker of sloppy joes for the diligent workers.

Since we were virtually homeless — at least bedless — at that point, our dear next door neighbors invited us to stay with them for dinner and over night so we could get an early start for North Carolina on Sunday morning. We both slept like logs that night.

We headed out before 7 a.m. All went well until we stopped for breakfast and to put gas in the U-Haul. I parked my car in front of the McDonald’s and The Man of the House parked with the big trucks. We had our usual Egg McMuffins.

When we left the restaurant he said he needed to pull around. I got my car turned around and waited for him to come by so I could follow him. I waited and waited. In the meantime I got an automated call on my cell phone from the TV installation people telling me when they would be at our house the next day.

I just happened to look up in time to see a very large U-Haul pulling out, turning on to Interstate 26. It occurred to me that might be the truck I was supposed to be following! So I proceeded almost to the entrance of the road and tried to call my missing husband on his cell phone. Of course it went straight to voice mail which told me he did not have it turned on. Drat!

My choices at this point were to get out there on the road and try to catch up with this truck or go back and wait in the parking lot. I decided to take a chance and drove out — at what I must confess was well over the speed limit.

Since all U-Haul’s look alike, there was a possibility I could be following some stranger, or worse yet, the truck I saw could have turned and gone the opposite direction. Thankfully, in about 10 minutes I spotted a truck pulled over beside the road. I flew past him and flashed my lights. He edged out and followed me.

I was happy when we got to our next scheduled stop to see I had picked the right truck. I did have a few "words" to say to the driver — something to the effect of "what were you thinking going out the back way?!!" and "why didn’t you have your phone turned on!!!?" He said he had other things on his mind.

The rest of the trip went smoothly. Everyone showed up with the other vehicles and by 2:30 p.m. it was all unloaded and the helpers had been fed lunch. By 3 p.m. they all headed back to South Carolina and left us in a sea of boxes.

We managed to get the beds assembled and made up before they left so if we crashed we had someplace to sleep. As it turned out I was up unpacking boxes until after 10 p.m. because I was so filled with energy and wanted to get some semblance of order to the kitchen.

Our friend Caleb got my computer up and running before he left which was a good thing since the phone/internet guy came early on Monday morning, along with the TV guy.