Guidelines for guest columns and blogs

Columbus CEO accepts guest columns for publication online, but such pieces are always on spec—there’s no guarantee a column will run if it doesn’t fit our audience or needs. 

It is best to pitch a concept first rather than actually writing a full piece to make sure the topic is one we haven’t covered already and that we don’t have another piece on a same or similar topic in the works. 

Columns need to be something that a broad base of business readers can benefit and learn from—interjections of the author’s opinion on the matter are fine since it is a column, after all. What we don’t want are columns that are testimonial or self-promotional and read more like ads than editorial copy (i.e. “Why You Should Hire Me/Our Company to Perform XYZ Service.”) 

Columns work best when written in the third person (“business owners,” “managers”), rather than first-person (“I,” “me,” “my company” or “Company X”) references, and use of “you” should be restricted as much as possible.

Specific examples and dollar figures are always great to help readers understand the impact of any changes in law or regulation. 

Submitted columns should be limited to about 500 words. Please also submit a high-resolution TIF or JPG headshot (at least 300 dpi at 3x5 inches) of the author, as well as a brief sentence about him or her—including contact information (a phone number and e-mail address). This will appear in the tagline that runs with the column. Where a company has multiple offices, we prefer to have the author be someone from central Ohio.

Columns will be edited for grammar and style before they are posted online. (If a column requires more than just a “polish” edit, we’d send it back to the submitter rather than try to do extensive rewriting ourselves.) 

Finally, column content needs to be exclusive to Columbus CEO. We don’t want to see the same column—or a similar column by the same author— running elsewhere in print or online. Feel free to link to your column or promote it on social media once it appears online. 

Interested in writing for us? Contact Mary Yost at