Rep. Gutierrez: Immigration reform chances over

Courtesy of the Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, a leading voice in Congress for overhauling immigration laws, is declaring legislative efforts on immigration dead for the year.

Gutierrez said on the House floor Wednesday that House Republicans had their chance and never delivered. He said it's now up to President Barack Obama to take action to curb deportations.

Gutierrez's comments come days away from the one-year anniversary of Senate passage of a bipartisan immigration bill offering citizenship to millions and spending billions on the border.

Legislation never got off the ground in the House, even though Gutierrez spent months working with Republicans trying to make it happen.

Advocates say Majority Leader Eric Cantor's surprise primary defeat and the new crisis around unaccompanied children at the border eliminated whatever slim chances remained.