State agency worker investigated for side business


September 6, 2013

A state workers’ compensation employee in Dayton operated a side business using state office equipment while on the job, according to an Ohio inspector general’s report issued yesterday.

Kim Rogers, an employer services specialist for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in Dayton, ran a communications and utility marketing business while on state time, the report said. She marketed the side business to co-workers and premium-paying customers of the bureau and recruited others to join the marketing firm.

“It is clear enough that there have been policy and procedural violations,” said Carl Enslen, an Ohio deputy inspector general.

He said there was evidence to show that policies and procedures “had been heavily abused for some time.”

In the report, Rogers admits using the state’s office equipment and email system.

Rogers, 49, remains on her $57,607-a-year job, the bureau said yesterday. With the report in hand, the bureau said yesterday it will conduct its own investigation.

Rogers could not be reached for comment yesterday.

In the report, Rogers said, “I don’t believe I am running a secondary business. And to be honest with you . . . I didn’t realize, I guess, I was using that much time.”

She also said she thought she could use her work computer for personal purposes while on break.

The report said Rogers failed to notify her supervisors about her outside employment as required.

The report also has been sent to the Ohio Ethics Commission.