Better Seats Inc. offers closer seats for cheap and Lee Esposito of Lee Esposito Associates explains how to use inbound links.

Better Seats Inc. offers closer seats for cheap and Lee Esposito of Lee Esposito Associates explains how to use inbound links.

If you've been frustrated by empty seats closer to the field than yours this Buckeye season, Columbus residents Steve Stein and Patrick Russell's app could've been your ticket to upgrade your spot mid-game.

The business duo's app, Better Seats, allows sports and concert attendees to upgrade their seats during an event by buying discounted empty seats and selling their current spots on the app. Upgrade prices start at 75 percent of a ticket's face-value and terminal prices halfway through an event are at 25 percent face-value. The app not only improves an event-goer's seat, but potentially his or her overall experience. Better Seats now offers event add-ons such as backstage access or meeting the band/team.

Better Seats went live in its beta version the summer of 2015 exclusively for Columbus Clippers games. Now out of beta testing, the app has had 1,429 downloads for Androids and iPhones.

According to Stein, the app's biggest advantage is its applicability to various venues. "Essentially in Cleveland, for example, they embed functionality so that you have a Cleveland Cavaliers app and a Cleveland Indians app … but the average person doesn't have that many apps on their phone-so we have one overall solution," Stein says.

Currently, the app is also available for venues in Pennsylvania, Texas and California. The app has plans, however, to be of service at almost any venue in the world in 2017. A partnership with an undisclosed global ticket vendor will allow the app to have access to the vendor's entire inventory and thus have maximum exposure.

Will Better Seats achieve startup success?

"Fan behavior is key both for proving the value proposition to the vendor and ultimately driving revenue, and I would be very interested in seeing the results of their beta. I like that they are solving the issue of creating an inventory of tickets and venues through strategic partnerships."

Potential Investor: Todd Whittington, managing partner, LOUD Capital

"This app offers a unique approach to the game day viewing experience. However, it does not seem worth the price to me to buy discounted upgraded tickets during sporting events. At sporting events I am content with the original seats that I buy."

Potential User: Michael Gerhart, dental student, Ohio State University

"This is a great idea … but poses a few initial hurdles to get over as season ticket holders... may become disgruntled to find that random people are purchasing as good or better seats at a discount, forcing venues to decide if the extra revenue is worth the risk of damaging current relationships."

Industry Pro: Tim Louters, inventory manager, Tickets Galore