What if you could own lightning? This summer you can, with the Lightning LS-218.

Lightning LS-218


What if you could own lightning? This summer you can.

If you're a fan of electric vehicles not to mention motorcycles, you'll like the leading-edge technology firm Lightning Motorcycle that's in the business of manufacturing electric transportation and taking reservations for the Lightning LS-218.

This is no ordinary bike. In development since 2006, Lightning's specs rank it in the "gadget to 'WOW' your friends" category. This vehicle is a street-legal version of the same electric motorcycle that set land speed records and won AMA and FIM races. This bike has a liquid-cooled 10,500 rpm electric motor that generates more horsepower (200hp), torque (168 ft/lb) and, therefore, speed, than any other motorcycle for sale to regular Joes like us.

Not only can you be one of the first people in Columbus to bolt around town on Lightning, you can add such options as a fully programmable Android display, a carbon fiber swing arm and frame, titanium fasteners and custom graphic wrap including special seat.

This motorized gadget has a maximum range of 180 miles. Owners can charge their LS-218 using a standard power outlet or can be back on the road in less than 30 minutes using a fast-charging station.

TaskOne iPhone Case

$80 4/4s model
$70 5/5s model
MyTask Urban$45

Swiss Army knives are some of the coolest gadgets on the planet. The versatility of that one device is a longtime favorite.

Tasklab has taken this concept and manufactured it into iPhone cases. The TaskOne iPhone Case features 22 tools that are conveniently packaged to fit the palm of your hand. Included in your toolset are pliers, box wrenches, wire cutters, screwdriver and a wood saw. The MyTask Urban is a smartphone case that includes a built-in USB drive, bottle opener, nail file, pen and screwdriver. Good luck trying to get either of these through the TSA security check at Port Columbus.

Lumi Inkodye

$29.95 for print kit

All of us have favorite photos stashed on our smartphones. There are obviously apps that allow you to print these treasures, and there all manner of ways to digitally share your best work.

Lumi Inkodye has gone one better and productized a technique so you can print a single-color version of your favorite photo onto a t-shirt. The process is simple. A free iPhone app (Lumi: Print Fabric with Light) turns your photo into a negative you then print and transfer to Lumi's transparent film using the photocopier you have at work or at home. Finally, apply Lumi's special dye to any fabric, place the transparent film featuring your photo on top of that piece of cloth and leave them out in the sun for 10 minutes. Then, voila, you have your photo printed on fabric. The print fabric kit includes everything you need to get the job done.

Phil Pikelny is vice president of Dispatch Digital and chief marketing officer of The Dispatch Printing Company.