What pathway led to the position you hold today? In this issue, our two major features explore very different influences regarding career paths.

What pathway led to the position you hold today?

For me, there was an attraction to writing from early childhood. I was always excited to receive a new pen and tablet-back when "tablet" meant a pad of paper. Sometimes I would just hold them, dreaming of the amazing stories I would write. My older sister and brother tell me I even used to sleep with a red crayon as a toddler, so that must have portended my role as an editor!

In this issue, our two major features explore very different influences regarding career paths.

Some have found military service to be a great pathway to employment. As we prepare to honor veterans and celebrate the freedoms they have won for us on Independence Day, Assistant Editor Kitty McConnell explores the post-military job possibilities for the men and women who have served our country. It is inspiring to learn how some Columbus companies treasure the unique skills and disciplines that military veterans bring to the workforce.

More than half of current U.S. military strength is derived from the ranks of reserve and National Guard members. That makes it more important than ever to follow the lead of employers that go to great lengths to support their employees who are in the reserve forces. You'll meet several in this issue.

In a focus on five local commercial real estate firms, contributing writer TC Brown talks with builders who keep their work all in the family. Something about that industry gets in the blood and encourages sons to follow fathers and carry on companies that span second and third generations. The families TC interviewed are just a sampling of a larger group of multi-generation real estate development families in central Ohio.

Speaking of keeping business in the family, our CEO Q&A for July is with Lisa Ingram, president and a fourth-generation member of the family that owns and operates White Castle. She talks about what attracts so many members of the Ingram family to the iconic restaurant business.

Also this month, we are rolling out a new focus topic we will cover several times a year. Don't miss "The Columbus Way" in our Insider section. You may be familiar with this phrase if you spend time around Alex Fischer of the Columbus Partnership. He uses it to describe the way business, government and community leaders in this city come together to solve problems collectively.

Columbus is developing a reputation for its collaborative character in other parts of the country, including some expected national media attention. In this first report, we look at how local hospitals practice The Columbus Way. Columbus CEO will continue to explore examples of this collaborative spirit, so let me know where else you see The Columbus Way in action.

Heads up that one of this month's reports is a bit alarming. Contributing writer Denise Trowbridge asked financial planners how their advice for retirement planning has changed post-recession. It is a safe bet that few of us are saving enough or risking enough with investments for our financial futures. Learning to live more frugally now is another tip they offer for retirement survival.

Finally, please don't be alarmed at the "missing" page numbers in this issue. Thanks to a special supplement on Westerville with its own page numbers, the magazine may appear to skip pages 33-64, but trust me, they're all there. And if you haven't been to Westerville lately, you might be surprised at all this community has to offer and who is its biggest booster.

Happy reading!