Worldly interns

From the May 2014 issue of Columbus CEO

The Ohio State chapter of the AIESEC is seeking Columbus businesses who are interested in learning more about the organization’s international internship programs.

Founded in 1948 (with the initial French components of the AIESEC acronym long-since jettisoned) the international youth leadership development program is run entirely by students. The Ohio State chapter is one of 38 in the United States according to the AIESEC 2012-13 annual report. The organization claims OSU’s Chief Financial Officer Geoffrey Chatas among its alumni. Its 45 members are working on sending 15 interns abroad on summer internships; so far, eight participants have been accepted. Internships last from six weeks to 18 months, says Nia Gayle, local committee president for AIESEC Ohio State.

“Our team helps develop a job description and training plan that outlines the development an intern would receive upon arriving in the United States,” says Gayle in an email interview. “Then we narrow down the applicants, screen them on English, handle the Visa process and figure out housing and transportation for the intern.”

According to AIESEC’s annual report, the organization has sent 600 students abroad for internships each year since 2008, and accepted 100 students as interns for U.S.-based companies and institutions. The majority of AIESEC internships are focused on IT, followed by manufacturing and logistics, academic positions, general business positions and other fields. Global partners include Microsoft, Google, UBS, Ernst & Young, Pfizer and Coca-Cola’s international divisions. Companies can get involved by registering on