Mophie's Space Pack not only doubles your iPhone's battery life, it also doubles the storage capacity.

Mophie Space Pack
$150 TO $180

Mophie has been making iPhone cases that double as a backup battery for the phone for the past six years. A couple months ago they introduced the Mophie Space Pack, which not only doubles your battery life but also doubles the storage capacity of an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.

For $150, you can add 16GB of storage to your phone. For $180 you can add 32GB of storage. That's 16,000 more photos or 9,000 more songs or 40 hours of more video that are immediately accessible on your phone but which actually reside within the 2.8-ounce case that surrounds it.

The true versatility of this iPhone gadget comes from its companion Space app that is free to download from the App Store. You'll be able to manage and organize any file type. You'll have access to these files without a WiFi or cellular data connection. This case/app combination allows you access files that can't normally be saved to an iPhone. And files can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email, AirDrop, AirPlay or opened in such supported apps as Dropbox or Google Drive.

The app gives you a window into the storage capacity and battery usage of your smartphone. Connect your Space Pack to a computer and you can charge the unit while also synching your iPhone or using the Space Pack as an external drive to move and add files from your PC or Mac.

If space is at a premium on your iPhone, you can record videos or snap photos directly to your Space Pack rather than to your iPhone.

Space Packs come black or white.


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Phil Pikelny is vice president of Dispatch Digital and chief marketing officer of The Dispatch Printing Company.