One Easton-based company played a central role in Tom Hanks' latest blockbuster Captain Phillips.

The interpreter who worked with the U.S. Navy to end the real-life Captain Phillips hostage standoff and Maersk Alabama hijacking by Somali pirates in 2009 was a linguist for Mission Essential. Mission Essential is an operational solutions company providing translation, security and tactical support for the U.S. Departments of Defense, State and Homeland Security; the intelligence community and multinational corporations.

Mission Essential has an office in Virginia and 8,000 personnel stationed across the globe in volatile regions including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia and Yemen.

"The film only briefly touched on the heroic and crucial role our linguist played, but it's no stretch to say the mission could not have been completed without him," said Paul Clemens, Mission Essential's senior vice president for operations and a 20-year Army intelligence veteran, in a release published on "Our job is not to steal the spotlight but to lead from behind, which we've done every day for almost 10 years now."