Matta’s March Madne$$

By Kitty McConnell
From the March 2013 issue of Columbus CEO

The Buckeyes’ loss to Wichita on Saturday was disappointing to fans, but doubly so for those with financial stakes in the game. While Vegas odds were -5, with an over/under of 129 on Ohio State, (SOURCE: Coach Thad Matta fared worse than fans whose brackets took a beating. He missed out on a $20,000 bonus for failing to advance. 

Matta’s contract allows for the following March Madness bonuses:

  • $40,000 for participating in the NCAA post-season tournament
  • $20,000 for making it the Elite Eight regional finals; this provision includes an automatic one-year extension to his contract
  • $20,000 for a making it to the Final Four
  • $20,000 for winning the NCAA coach of the year award

According to Sports Illustrated, Matta is among the 10 highest-paid coaches in the nation. His $3.2 million annual contract, revised in late 2012, ends in 2019.