Tech review: An Apple Watch addiction

Early Apple Watch sales indicate the company has brought a new, not to mention exciting, reality to the wearables market.

Tech review: Hackers beware of the super-secure Carbide USB Drive

If you worry about security of the data you carry around, the Carbide USB Drive lets you sleep easy at night.

Tech review: Behind the wheel of a Tesla

By Phil Pikelny
In the driver’s seat of the Tesla Model S Sedan

Review: The best new features coming from Apple, Google

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — New features promised for smartphones, tablets and watches could improve how we interact with technology. Although it's too soon to tell how well these will work in practice, here's a look at what I'm looking forward to most this fall.

Entrepreneurs bet on the smartphone to solve money problems

NEW YORK (AP) — It can be used to buy lattes, order cabs and get pizza delivered, but some tech entrepreneurs are betting the smartphone can also play an even greater role in saving people money.

Latest self-driving Google car heading to public streets

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Google's pod-like self-driving car will make its debut on public roads this summer.

Data-related jobs of growing importance

Computer design & service jobs on rise in Ohio and Columbus region, mirroring...
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