Tech Talk: ORIS Launches Retail Enforcement Just In Time for Gift Season

By Julie Bhusal Sharma
ORIS Online Retail Enforcement ensures proper pricing for online goods and LOUD Capital reveals the work it has been doing with over 15 companies.

Launch Pad: WorkSpace Workflow Management

Born out of a desire to offer another service to its customers, Columbus-based irth Solutions created WorkSpace, a forms-focused workflow processor that launched on Aug. 15.

Innovation Spotlight: S-E-A Ltd.

Columbus-based firm evaluates product failure and offers ideas for lowering future risk.

Launch Pad: mouthkick sensor

By Julie Bhusal Sharma
Prosthetics may seem to be the only solution to regain limbs lost to paralysis or amputation. But Columbus resident Leo Daugherty sees prosthetics as just one way of relaying a message, with sensor stimulation another.

Turning Down Facebook for Feedcop

By Julie Bhusal Sharma
It’s not often you get a job offer from Mark Zuckerburg. It’s even rarer to turn it down.
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