Tech review: Hackers beware of the super-secure Carbide USB Drive

If you worry about security of the data you carry around, the Carbide USB Drive lets you sleep easy at night.

Data-related jobs of growing importance

Computer design & service jobs on rise in Ohio and Columbus region, mirroring...

The evolution of data storage: From zip disks to Google Drive

Tech-tronic shift: Revisiting the computer storage capacity, prices and devices from the past six decades. Plus, a comparison of cloud storage rates.

Are you willing to pay to watch video clips online?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Would you pay to see some of the Internet's best video clips first? Vessel, a new service trying to change the way that short video pieces make money on the Internet and mobile devices, is betting on it.

The ABCs of data: A glossary of IT, broadband and data center terms

Intrigued by ISPs? Curious about colocation? This glossary of data center...

Inside the powerful, and powerfully secure, Cologix data center

Touring Cologix data center in north Columbus is like going behind the security barriers at an international airport.

ResearchKit: 5 things to know about Apple's medical apps

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Amid all the talk of Apple Watch, a new MacBook laptop and a partnership with HBO, a set of Apple tools aimed at promoting medical research didn't get much attention. The tools, called ResearchKit, promise to help researchers study asthma, Parkinson's and other diseases by recruiting test subjects through iPhone apps.
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