Tech Talk: Infotronix Bets on Batteries | Robinhood

Will Infotronix achieve startup success? A local investor, potential user and industry professional weigh in.

Innovation Spotlight: Newly Rebranded SalesFuel Fills the Ad Exec’s Engine

SalesFuel’s intelligence serves as must for some sales staffers.

Gadgets: Latest Apple TV Makes Apps the Future of Television

By Phil Pikelny
Our gadget guy compares apples to apples as he reviews the latest Apple TV and iPad Pro.

Innovation Spotlight: King Memory Ramps Up RAM

Fast-growing computer memory company turns e-waste into e-space.

Gadgets: The $5,000 Snow Globe & More

Gadget reviewer Phil Pikelny looks at the Ultimate Christmas Snow Globe by VeryFirstTo, the hand-sized iRoller and the 360Fly panoramic HD video camera.

Xentry Starts Internal Training Program

Xentry is all about not taking risks. The Columbus-based company sells security and safety systems integration to businesses in 35 states, from Miami International Airport to Texas A&M University. Now, Xentry is working to eliminate another risk factor: poor work habits or technical ineptitude among the company’s new sales hires.
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