Reading List

Book Review: Gold Standard

When your last name is “Gold,” you’re set up for big achievements, but also rocky life lessons as Terri Schlicenmeyer notes in her review of Gold Standard by Kym Gold, co-founder of True Religion Brand Jeans.

Book Review: Why We Work: A TED Original

What if you didn’t have to work? Would you, anyhow? Read the new book by Barry Schwartz, and your answer might change.

Book Review: ‘Judge This’ by Chip Kidd

There are, of course, no second chances when it comes to a first impression, and in Judge This by Chip Kidd, you’ll learn how to make an initial splash.

Book Review: 'Destiny: Step into Your Purpose'

This book inspires its readers to follow one’s destiny no matter how difficult fulfilling it may be.

Book review: Improve your time-management skills with ‘I Know How She Does It’

So your schedule is jam-packed and you barely have time to take a shower. How do other, perhaps even busier, women do it? Read I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam to find out.

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