Reading List

Book Review: Why We Work: A TED Original

What if you didn’t have to work? Would you, anyhow? Read the new book by Barry Schwartz, and your answer might change.

Book Review: ‘Judge This’ by Chip Kidd

There are, of course, no second chances when it comes to a first impression, and in Judge This by Chip Kidd, you’ll learn how to make an initial splash.

Book Review: 'Destiny: Step into Your Purpose'

This book inspires its readers to follow one’s destiny no matter how difficult fulfilling it may be.

Book review: Improve your time-management skills with ‘I Know How She Does It’

So your schedule is jam-packed and you barely have time to take a shower. How do other, perhaps even busier, women do it? Read I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam to find out.

Book review: ‘A Higher Standard’ offers leadership tips from the battlefield and beyond

In A Higher Standard by Gen. Ann Dunwoody, US Army, Ret. (with Tomago Collins), you’ll learn leadership tips from on the battlefield, and off.

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