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  • Columbus business helps unemployed debtors find jobs

    Eighteen years in the debt-collection business has led Chad Silverstein to one unmistakable conclusion: The vast majority of people with outstanding debt — especially in the health-care arena — want to pay their bills. “What we’ve found is that people do care,” said Silverstein, president and founder of Columbus-based Choice Recovery, which has collected an estimated $200 million for more than 4,500 clients since its creation in 1997.

  • Cold, snow spur central Ohioans to warm-climate vacations

    When the thermometer drops and the snow falls, many central Ohio residents with cabin fever begin dreaming about — and booking — vacations to warmer destinations. About 10,000 people attended last month’s Great Vacations Travel Expo, organized by the AAA Ohio Auto Club, and hundreds made reservations with the AAA travel agents on site.