Experiencing Columbus

Some of Columbus’ biggest spenders are those from out of town. Whether they’re here for business or leisure, it’s clear they’re here to drop some serious coin.

Mile Markers

As at least one central Ohio suburb - Bexley - prepares to ban holding a phone to talk while driving, a new national study shows Columbus has a long way to go to improve driving conditions.

Available for Rent

Office space and property for tech/research and development operations are bargains in Columbus compared to other hot markets. Prime downtown office space on the East and West coasts is as much as three to four times higher than in central Ohio.

Ups and Downs: Employment by Industries

Several Columbus Region industries have seen significant increases or decreases in employment within the decade from 2005 to 2015.

Healthcare Insurance Costs and Penalties

By Kitty McConnell
Since the Affordable Care Act was enacted, federal tax penalties for the uninsured have risen sharply since 2014.

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