Transportation & Logistics

How local small businesses identify workable logistics strategies

Figuring out the best way to get products to vendors is critical for growing small businesses.

Briefing: Attracting Manufacturers to Columbus Region

By Kitty McConnell
Deloitte shares Footprint 2020 study’s insight on attracting manufacturers.

Winter's Wrath

By Kitty McConnell
Winter weather and the flu cost workplace productivity and lost revenues for employers and businesses across the economy.

Port Columbus' Top 10 International Flight Destinations

A look at Port Columbus' top 10 international and domestic flight destinations, based on average daily passengers
Commercial Real Estate Spotlight

Acreage around Port Columbus ready for development

JET Task Force breathes new life into redevelopment of airport-adjacent acreage.

Airport upgrades not helped or hindered by airline decisions

Never a clear winner in the race for airline hubs, Columbus avoided devastating hub setbacks, too.

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