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South Side bets on new developments, partnerships to spur area growth

South Side lays foundation of housing and training as industrial and commercial businesses reinvest in the area.
Commercial Real Estate Spotlight

Hollywood Casino boosts development on Columbus’ West Side

The West Broad Street corridor is showing signs that casino development is paying off with new investments in the area.

Why Americans are waiting longer than ever to buy first homes

WASHINGTON (AP) — Short of cash and unsettled in their careers, young Americans are waiting longer than ever to buy their first homes.

Briefing: Panel discusses lack of Downtown residents/retailers

Downtown, you need more residents to attract more retailers and you need more retailers to attract more residents. The vicious cycle was the unofficial theme of a recent panel discussion held by the Downtown Residents’ Association of Columbus.
Commercial Real Estate Spotlight

Acreage around Port Columbus ready for development

JET Task Force breathes new life into redevelopment of airport-adjacent acreage.

Central Ohio home prices spring back to pre-recession levels

State of the housing market: A year-to-date historical comparison shows a recovery in the average sale prices of central Ohio homes.

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