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Commercial Real Estate Spotlight: Whitehall

A stagnant city gains momentum by becoming a new home of business HQs.

Commercial Real Estate Spotlight: Short North moves east

N. High Street’s vibrant Short North Arts District is spreading to N. Fourth St. with the building of new businesses and residences.

Briefing: The best of both worlds for homeowners

Rl Property Management’s new offering, Homeowner Concierge, is a landlord service for homeowners.

Commercial Real Estate Spotlight: Franklinton

Franklinton redevelopment projects turn worn area into hip neighborhood.

Commercial Real Estate Spotlight: Northgate Centre, LLC

NorthGate and Northstar benefit as Tanger Mall launches Sunbury growth corridor.

Building a Construction Workforce

By Jennifer Wray
Even as the Columbus skyline bears testament to rapid growth in construction around the city, the landscape is not completely rosy.

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