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Trouble sleeping? Technology to the rescue

Technology is attempting to come to the rescue of troubled sleepers to help build better habits, monitor sleep patterns and improve the sleep environment.

Briefing: How Columbus hospitals use social media

Mindset Digital and the Ohio Hospital Association recently released a study on Ohio hospitals and social media. The diagnosis? A large increase in time devoted to hospitals’ social media.
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How employers are combatting diabetes in the workplace

Combatting the disease to which employees are prone is in a company’s interest in more ways than one.
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Pet allergies are big business

Allergy suffering isn’t exclusive to humans. The misery many of us have to deal with can extend to our very best friends; our beloved household pets.
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Interventional radiologists use minimally invasive methods to speed surgery recovery

Miniature devices and X-ray vision allow interventional radiologists to shrink incisions and speed healing.
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Medical providers partner with central Ohio schools, pro sports teams to provide care

Physicians and trainers help build relationships of medical providers with schools and pro sports.

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