Q&A: Denny Griffith, CCAD president

CCAD President Denny Griffith on mentors, art in Columbus and what he's learned

Top 10 states for student loan default

A look at student loan debt and default rates in central Ohio's colleges and universities

Columbus business leaders head back to school, too

Across Columbus, business professionals are also heading back to the classroom, sharing their wealth of accumulated experience and knowledge with students in their fields.
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Finance degree

Companies work to help students determine what colleges offer the most fiscally sound degrees.

Q&A with McGraw-Hill's Peter Cohen

As the son of an education professor, McGraw-Hill school education group president Peter Cohen has had an insider’s view into the evolution of the American classroom.

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  • South Campus Gateway struggling to keep tenants

    A “one-of-a-kind” World of Beer tavern will open in the spring at the South Campus Gateway as part of an effort to resuscitate the area adjacent to the Ohio State University campus. Campus Gateway is in the middle of its second biggest retail turnover since opening in 2005. Much of the turnover involves the alley between 9th and 11th avenues, a pedestrian-only area that has been blamed for the demise of several businesses.

  • Ohio State’s latest ‘Block O’ will create solar power

    A “Block O” will soon appear on the roof of an Ohio State University recreation center, but it won’t be solely for decoration. It’ll also be soaking up the sun. AEP Energy has begun installing a solar array on the roof of Ohio State’s Recreation & Physical Activity Center on W. 17th Avenue, one that it will own and operate. Experts say it’s the latest in a series of projects around the country that use “green” energy on college campuses.