As student debt rises, Columbus business leaders discuss ways to reduce the burden

Young business leaders see opportunity for Columbus to attract bright millennial minds by reducing what they owe on college loans.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Children’s Hunger Alliance Supplies Food for Kids to Flourish

Children’s Hunger Alliance bolsters mission with sound business practices.

Airstream to Produce Student-Designed Trailer

Ohio-based Airstream will put into production a trailer designed by Columbus College of Art and Design students with the freelance economy in mind: a mobile home/workspace for creatives. The project exemplifies CCAD’s focus on training artists as entrepreneurs.

Student employment not an afterthought at Groove U

As many students start off college this year, their first class is likely not on how to get a job four or two years later. But for Dwight Heckelman, founder and director of Groove U, a music industry program located in Victorian Village, that’s his two-year-old school’s priority.

Harvard launches 'virtual classroom' for students anywhere

BOSTON (AP) — The newest classroom at Harvard's business school has no desks or chairs. Instead, the professor teaches facing a towering digital screen that stretches from wall to wall, filled with the live video feeds of up to 60 students tuned in from their computers.

How to increase your return on investment for higher education

Asking the right questions before deciding on a college or career school path can increase the return on investment for higher education.

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