Columbus internship programs benefit both students and employers

Internships help students make the leap from education to employment.

Large student debt load limits young Americans' home-buying

WASHINGTON (AP) — Younger Americans are struggling to keep up with steadily-rising student debt loads, a burden that is limiting their ability to buy homes.

Ohio State taps veteran administrator as new business school dean

Anil K. Makhija has been selected as the new dean of the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University.

Columbus among best college towns to be a landlord, report says

Columbus and three other Ohio cities are among the top 10 college towns in the nation in which to buy rental property, according to a RealtyTrac report.

South Campus Gateway struggling to keep tenants

The Columbus Dispatch
A “one-of-a-kind” World of Beer tavern will open in the spring at the South Campus Gateway as part of an effort to resuscitate the area adjacent to the Ohio State University campus. Campus Gateway is in the middle of its second biggest retail turnover since opening in 2005. Much of the turnover involves the alley between 9th and 11th avenues, a pedestrian-only area that has been blamed for the demise of several businesses.

Top 10 states for student loan default

A look at student loan debt and default rates in central Ohio's colleges and universities

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