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Meet the new Ohio Banker’s League CEO Mike Adelman

He's making it his mission to set the record straight on the industry he represents.

Rule Change Targets Startup Investment

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved changes to its general solicitation rule for private-placement companies.

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  • Chase, Huntington testing ideas for branches of the future

    On their way out are the velvet ropes that direct bank customers to tellers who can handle their deposit or cash a check. Same goes for the magazine-strewn waiting area populated by folks waiting to talk to a bank-branch officer about a loan. And the pneumatic tube that drive-through customers have used for decades to conduct transactions? It’s probably on its way out, too.

  • Social media can give banks an inside look at potential borrowers

    The personal information that friends share on social media websites is being used by a growing number of financial institutions to build a credit profile for potential borrowers, in addition to the official credit report. How that information can — or should — be used by lenders is still up for debate.