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Book Review: 'Crossing the Thinnest Line'

Author Lauren Leader-Chivée calls for greater diversity in the workplace and cites its many benefits.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

Electric co-ops have provided an alternative way to purchase power in Ohio for nearly a century.

Tech Talk: Improving the View with Better Seats Event Experience App

By Julie Bhusal Sharma
Better Seats Inc. offers closer seats for cheap and Lee Esposito of Lee Esposito Associates explains how to use inbound links.

Book Review: ‘The Full Tank Life’

While the information and method inside are useful tools, this book may reveal a boastful attitude at times.

Commercial Real Estate Spotlight: Grandview Heights

Grandview’s central location is a boon for development.

Profile: Falon Donohue, Chief Executive Officer, VentureOhio

VentureOhio CEO describes Ohio entrepreneurship as one valuable package for investors.

Senior Living: Booming business

Senior communities evolve to meet new demands as baby boomers swell retirement ranks.

Health insurance costs rise higher in Ohio

Employer-based health insurance premiums in Ohio have risen more per year since 2010 but remain below national averages.
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