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Winner • Small NonProfit

CEO of the Year: Kenny McDonald, chief economic officer, Columbus 2020

Kenny McDonald recognizes that you can never predict what will swing a deal your way.
Winner • Small For-Profit

CEO of the Year: Ryan Vesler, founder & CEO, Homage

Just a decade ago, Ryan Vesler was selling vintage clothing on eBay from his parents’ basement. He used that income and his credit cards to launch Homage.
Winner • Large NonProfit

CEO of the Year: Douglas Kridler, president & CEO, The Columbus Foundation

When Doug Kridler heard the story of the late Jerrie Mock, his imagination took flight.
Winner • Large For-Profit

CEO of the Year: Lisa Ingram, president & CEO, White Castle System, Inc.

This month, Lisa Ingram wraps up her inaugural year as CEO of White Castle. Ingram’s father, Bill, and other third-generation leaders spent the last five years preparing to hand the family burger business over to the fourth.

CEO of the Year: CEO Survey Insights

Workforce availability remains a concern as central Ohio CEOs view the local economy with favor in our annual survey.

2016 CEO of the Year: Class Acts

If you’re counting your blessings this season, here’s one to include on the list: Columbus is blessed to have amazing corporate and nonprofit leaders.

Briefing: Peter Kageyama Explains the Magic of Placemaking

Encouraging nostalgia toward a specific city spot is both a nice idea and an opportunity for community growth.

Small Business Spotlight: Capital-Plus Inc.

Capital-Plus is devoted to the financial needs of small businesses—from factoring to invoices, to business advice given for free.
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