As Downtown Columbus grows more residential, the future of Capitol Square is uncertain

Downtown moves forward with parks, homes and offices, as developers ponder possibilities for the Dispatch property and adjacent lots.
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Office Space: Motorists mimics startup look for creative results

To speed up projects and foster creativity, The Motorists Insurance Group updated a 1940s wing to own a startup feel.

Columbus a hub of auto manufacturing

With direct rail and truck routes to Mexico and Honda nearby, the Columbus Region serves as a major hub in the automotive supply chain.

2015 Columbus Legal Directory

Law firms are making their ranks more representative of their clients by recruiting a more diverse pool of lawyers.

Book review: Improve your time-management skills with ‘I Know How She Does It’

So your schedule is jam-packed and you barely have time to take a shower. How do other, perhaps even busier, women do it? Read I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam to find out.
Commercial Real Estate Spotlight

Discovery District gets residential, retail boost

From an expanded museum, renovated library and vibrant colleges to the historic Jefferson Center, the Discovery District is drawing new interest.
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