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SolSource Solar Cooker offers fuel-free clean cooking

Solar technology to cook or grill your food is right here, right now.
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Small Business Spotlight

Baker Creative knows firsthand the art of re-branding

Baker Creative takes a full-service approach to help clients discover new ways to grow business through branding.

Top 10 states for student loan default

A look at student loan debt and default rates in central Ohio's colleges and universities
Innovation Spotlight

StrateSphere nurtures the novel ideas

Company backs investments with business expertise to nurture success

Sam Adams loan fund is brewing-up small business

The Economic and Community Development Institute distributes Sam Adams Brewing grant to Columbus food-based entrepreneurs.
Letter from the editor

Your stance on central Ohio’s taxes

Are you a central Ohio native or a transplant? How you answer that question may color your view on the taxes you pay.
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  • After sale of homebuilder, Pulte signs replacing Dominion’s

    Pulte Homes signs replaced Dominion Homes signs yesterday throughout central Ohio subdivisions, the first visible sign of a major change in central Ohio homebuilding. Pulte, the huge Atlanta-based homebuilder, announced yesterday that it had acquired Dominion, which means that for the first time, the largest builder in central Ohio will not be based in the area.

  • Guest Blog: Everyone’s A Winner—NOT!!!!

    (Editor’s Note: This is the ninth in a series of columns by family business leaders and advisors with information and ideas about topics unique to family businesses, developed in conjunction with the Conway Center for Family Business.)

  • Expect lots of sales this holiday, L Brands execs say

    L Brands executives expect this year’s holiday shopping season to be a lot like last year’s — and that means plenty of discounts. “We anticipate a lot of promotional (discount) activity going into the holidays,” said Nicholas Coe, president and CEO of the Columbus-based retailer’s personal-care chain Bath & Body Works.

  • Sellers of Braxton Miller’s No. 5 jersey to take a hit

    Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is out for the 2014 season, and so is his No. 5 jersey. And that is leaving some Buckeye-themed retailers sitting on thousands of dollars in inventory seemingly destined to sit on shelves for a long time — maybe a year.