Vision 2015: Rising to the challenge

Central Ohio executives detail how their organizations are dealing with four key issues for 2015.
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Commercial Real Estate Spotlight

Epcon Communities develops condos—and new franchise model

Local condominium developers extend their reach nationally with franchises

Why asking employees to work after hours can be costly

Are your employees working off the clock? Here's why that could be costly.

Suzy’s Helping Hands aims to ease the downsizing process for seniors

Longer life spans create business opportunities to serve seniors’ growing needs.

Reading List: Learn the steps to surviving scandal in Dezenhall’s ‘Glass Jaw’

Can your business survive this sudden scandal? Author Eric Dezenhall says yes, but you need to proceed with caution. In his new book "Glass Jaw" he explains.

Reading List: ‘Darling, You Can’t Do Both’ details why women in business should break the rules

In the new book "Darling, You Can’t Do Both" by Janet Kestin & Nancy Vonk, the authors say women in business still have work to do to overcome gender bias.
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