Customer Service Awards

By Nicole Kraft + Photos by Ryan M.L. Young

Nine organizations earned honors

Customer service is one of the standards that can easily make or break a business. Leaving current (and potential) clients waiting too long will send them scurrying to find another service provider. Poor—or nonexistent—communication, service and manners can do the same.

But there are still organizations that put customers first and genuinely care about making them happy. These forward-thinking companies understand that people who have good experiences are great ambassadors and will recommend your business to others—especially in the age of the Internet and social media.

Columbus CEO wanted to recognize the individuals and organizations who stand out from the crowd and put a priority on providing superior customer service. The result is the Customer Service Awards, which recognizes achievements in five categories: Innovation, Service Training Program, Outstanding Customer Service Rep, Outstanding Customer Service Manager and Above & Beyond.

We arrived at our inaugural group of nine winners through a two-stage process conducted earlier this year.

First, readers were asked to nominate a deserving individual or organization in March and April. Both nonprofit and for-profit organizations were eligible in two divisions: large (500 or more employees) and small (fewer than 500 employees).

Nominations were compiled and researched for a voting phase, which occurred from mid-May to mid-June. Votes were tallied to determine the Customer Service Awards winners profiled on the following pages.

Julanne Hohbach