Young Professional Profiles

Jordan Davis

Photo by Ryan M.L. Young

Age: 24

Occupation: manager of events and development for the Columbus Partnership

Education: bachelor’s degree in political science and leadership studies, Ohio State University

Hometown: Westerville

Community and board involvement: member, Central Ohio Leadership Academy and Create Columbus Commission; committee member, Highball Halloween

Neighborhood: German Village

Personal: single


What do you value about your work?

Probably what I value the most is the engagement with the community and the opportunity to contribute to the community dialogue. And second would be to learn. I learn a tremendous amount, not only from our members, but from Alex Fischer and Steve Lyons.


What do you enjoy about living in Columbus?

I enjoy the youthfulness of the community. I love how active it is.

I love how open it is. I love the culture. I love how accepting it is. I love the diversity and … I love the size. I feel like it’s a perfect place to grow your career because it’s not too big where the decision-makers or the community leaders are out of touch.


How can Columbus attract more young professionals?

We need to do a better job in offering internships all year round. I think we have a tremendous opportunity to compete with the Chicagos and the New Yorks of the world by offering summer internship programs where we are bringing in students from outside Ohio to intern with some of our fantastic Fortune 1000 companies and constantly bringing people into our community.

Two, I think we need to fix our public transportation. It’s very hard, if not impossible, to get around the community or to go to different areas of town quickly without a car. And that really needs to change.


What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday night?

One hundred percent in the Short North at dinner with a group of friends, and then who knows where. Anywhere down there, you can’t go wrong.


What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday morning?

Brunch. We go to Aab India in Grandview. We go there all the time.