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Office space: Bonfire Red capsizes canoes and spins records

The digital branding and interactive design studio flaunts its new interior that involved paddling through Craigslist for antiques.

Office space: Drive Capital’s driven design exhibits sleek curves and panoramic Short North views

The venture capital firm’s polished look is right on track.

Office Space: Revolution Group Rocks Band-Themed Board Rooms

With a new office space, the tech consulting group shows off moves like Jagger.

Office Space: Print Syndicate’s HQ honors the royal triumvirate—geeks, cats and feminism

Infused social trends and color make the design, technology and marketing company pop out like a manga book among encyclopedias.

Office Space: Bexley’s new city hall makes use of environment to bring staff together

An architect known for crafting dining spaces for Jeni’s and Northstar brings taste to Bexley’s city hall.

Office space: CrossChx’s core craziness apparent in new office

Business values manifest themselves in skunk and Captain Crunch décor.

Office Space: Orange Barrel Media

The advertising firm moves to a former concrete factory and commands attention from motorists on I-670, Rt. 315 and Rt. 33.

Office Space: Motorists mimics startup look for creative results

To speed up projects and foster creativity, The Motorists Insurance Group updated a 1940s wing to own a startup feel.

Office Space: EY’s Workplace of the Future plays musical chairs—with more than chairs

EY’s new Grandview Yard space rockets the Workplace of Tomorrow to today

Office Space: Priority Designs' new office reflects brand, product development expertise

The industrial design consulting firm spent more than $2.5 million renovating a former car dealership into its Whitehall headquarters.

Office Space: Columbus Clippers offer behind-the-scenes tour of Huntington Park

Take a peek at the Park’s office aesthetic that hits a home run when it comes to team spirit.