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Office Space: SBC Advertising built to house good ideas

Located across from Huntington Park, the full-service ad agency hits it out of the ballpark with dynamic dimensions and colorful personality.

Office space: Bonfire Red capsizes canoes and spins records

The digital branding and interactive design studio flaunts its new interior that involved paddling through Craigslist for antiques and the making of staff carpenters.

Office space: Drive Capital’s driven design exhibits sleek curves and panoramic Short North views

The venture capital firm’s polished look is right on track.

Office Space: Revolution Group Rocks Band-Themed Board Rooms

With a new office space, the tech consulting group shows off moves like Jagger.

Office Space: Print Syndicate’s HQ honors the royal triumvirate—geeks, cats and feminism

Infused social trends and color make the design, technology and marketing company pop out like a manga book among encyclopedias.

Office Space: Bexley’s new city hall makes use of environment to bring staff together

An architect known for crafting dining spaces for Jeni’s and Northstar brings taste to Bexley’s city hall.

Office space: CrossChx’s core craziness apparent in new office

Business values manifest themselves in skunk and Captain Crunch décor.