Over 50 Franklin County small business owners sign letter.

Small business owners in Franklin County have agreed to sign a letter urging Ohio's senators and Pres. Barack Obama to take action on climate change.

Part of a nationwide push to show business community support for federal policies to curb pollution linked to climate change, 55 Franklin County businesses have signed the letter, which should be mailed by mid-December.

"We're still collecting signature statewide," said Vivian Daly of the Environment Ohio advocacy group.

“Here at Café Brioso our main ingredients are coffee and water, both of which are being impacted by climate change,” John Justice, Director of Operation at the downtown coffee shop and diner stated in a press release. “Invasive species, extreme weather events, and changes in rainfall patterns are threatening the growth of coffee beans.”

Among the consequences of climate change, advocates say Ohio faces more extreme weather, including heavy spring storms, hotter, drier summers, and an increase in toxic algae in lakes.