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Ecohouse recognized as a green home innovator

Posted by Taylor Rogers on March 24, 2014

Columbus-based Ecohouse is one of the top three green home innovators in the country, according to Green America.

The solar energy company will receive $5,000 as part of Green America’s “People & Planet Award.” The awards, announced today, go to businesses around the nation that make sustainability and green living a priority in home building.

“We are happy to be recognized for our work of helping central Ohio homeowners and businesses to go solar and reduce the impact of climate change,” said Kevin Eigel, president of Ecohouse, in a release.

Eigel added that the money will go toward a solar electric system for Third Hand Bike Co-op. 

The two other winning companies are Green Broom Brigade of Lompoc, Calif. and Community Forklift of Edmonston, Md.

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