HMB software solutions and tech services is expanding it's Westerville operation. Co-founder and CEO Tom Harris was recognized as one of Columbus's 2013 CEOs of the Year. His profile ran inColumbus CEO's Dec. issue and can be read here.

Columbus 2020 announced HMB's expansion yesterday:

HMB, Inc., an information technology company, is expanding in Westerville as a result ofa continued increase to its production service line. The expansion includes adding 75 employees to itscurrent roster of 145 over the next three years, and investing $550,000 in training, software andequipment.

"Since opening our doors in 1994, we've quickly grown into a trusted provider in the IT sector," said JohnMackessy, CFO, HMB. "Our credibility and success can be attributed, in part, to the Columbus Regioncompanies that have become our partners. We hope to continue to build on that success in the Region."

HMB offers full-service, on-site, custom technology development services and business consulting services to clients in the Columbus Region. Growth of the company's production service line has created the demand for expansion and more employees.

The company's 75 new jobs represent $5.6 million in new payroll. Hiring for the positions, which includedesigners, developers and strategists , is expected to begin in January.

"The Columbus Region is an ideal location for companies like HMB because of broad access totechnology consumers," said Jason Bechtold, economic development administrator, City of Westerville."We are excited to see this expansion happening based on how well the company is thriving in Westerville."