Today's announcement from the digital communications training firm includes the hiring of Mindset's new VP of client engagement Nick Fortine:

Columbus-based Mindset Digital is continuing to expand – announcing today that its new CEO and chairman of the board is Pamela Springer, former CEO and president of Manta and a leader in growth stage businesses.

"Pamela has deep experience in building great companies that exceed client and investor expectations," Mindset Digital co-founder Debra Jasper said. "We're thrilled that she has agreed to take on such a critical leadership role."

Springer, named by Business Insider as one of 2012's most powerful women running today's biggest start ups, also is now a full partner in Mindset Digital. She said she agreed to join the firm because it provides the kind of professional training that makes a real difference – helping Fortune 500 firms, hospitals and universities keep pace in a digital age.

The average attention span these days is just eight seconds – there is just too much information and too little time, Springer explained. "So companies need more effective ways to get employees up to speed. That's why Mindset Digital designs courses for today's hyper-distracted workforce. The training is visual, easy to remember and leads to action."

In addition to bringing in Springer as CEO, the firm has also named Nick Fortine, former head of marketing and sales for e-Cycle and past vice president of sales at ECNext/Manta, its new vice president of client engagement.

The expansion comes as Mindset Digital is increasing the number of scalable online training and certifications it offers to help large workforces adopt new technologies and approaches.