What to expect from your new iPhone iOS 7 operating system

Following the debut last week of the iPhone 5s and cheaper 5c model, Apple released the new iOS 7 at 1 pm EST today.

The new operating system features the "most significant changes" in iPhone user experience since the debut of the original iOS touch interface in 2008, says Jonathan Ive, Apple's SVP of design. In his intro video, Ive says that iOS 7 represents a "new direction" for Apple's iPhone.

Here's what to expect from iOS 7:

* App multi-tasking; auto content updates on most-used apps

* Safari user interface redesign including unified search, full-screen layout and browser tabs

* Wikipedia and Twitter integration into Siri (now a male and a female voice)

* New camara app with chronological photo clustering, photo sharing, swipe and new filters

* Airdrop file sharing

* New control and notification centers with enhanced daily views & lock screen access

* Apple radio

* Redesigned grid system, layering, typography, apps, color palate and animation in formerly static screens

Ivy's iOS 7 design buzzwords are "depth," " unobtrusive" and "defferential." Don't forget to update your apps & back your files up in the cloud--happy upgrading!